Cellular technologies are a part of our everyday lives and are on the rise. Users are increasing in number day by day not just in United States but around the whole world. Smartphone application development is not just being used for games but also to create business applications and other basic applications for everyday use.


They are vastly useful in medical fields to diagnose and to communicate with people having developmental disorders. Smartphone application development requires advanced software so that it can cover the increasing needs of as there is advancement of technology. Blackberry, Apple, and Android, each are platforms that have their its own applications and also have a serious amount of competition amongst each other.


Developersᅠhave to do a lot of work for graphics, coding and use really intense software engineering. Some developers focus their work on innovative design; others work on interactive multi-platform compatibility or to create bridge between two different platforms for conventional use that contribute to smartphone application development.


Smartphone Application Development Business Options


It’s a platform for people with various set of skills even business analysis. Computer science experts, software engineers, and software developers participate in different smartphone application development competitions around the world. It is more than just a competition.


Software application development allows different platforms toᅠprovide their entrepreneurs to have access to develop and display their applications and share the profit. They are given opportunities to tap the market where potential is yet to be explored and experimented with.


Smartphone Application Development Cost


Regardless of training or knowledge of smartphone applications, anyone can realize how much does a smartphone application development would cost.


In order to go ahead with smartphone application development, a team of professionals is required and they should be experts in their respective fields.


• Back-End Engineer

• Graphic Designer

• Programmer


Back-End Engineer


The foundation of the application is the responsibility of the back-end engineer. In order to have a robust foundation to successfully pass test runs, and to handle future upgrades, one must have a unbreakable foundation to work with.


Graphic Designer

Graphical user interface (GUI) is done by the graphic designer or designers. The graphic designer is the architect behind the application. User interface, interactive layouts and also the appearance of the application is designed by the graphic designer to meet the requirements of the smartphone application development owner and their business needs.



The application programmer is basically the mason or the builder of a structure. Each application platform requires a programming specialist such as iPhone and Android programmers are specialized in their respective fields. Requirement of smartphone application development varies, so the need of specialist programmer also changes accordingly.



Written by: Saad Ibrahim

Date: January 22nd, 2016


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