Some people associate is with designing logos and flyers, but what else does a graphic designer do?


Brand, Icons and User Interface


Designing a brand image that is consistent across all boards. Your print marketing should be an extension of your website, your mobile app design should be an extension of your products and services.


Commercial Print Designer

In companies, there are graphic artists who work under the title of commercial print designers.


Publication Designer

These designers work in publication firms and are specialists for newspapers, magazines, digests, comic books, and e-books.


Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers work with the television and movie industries for animations, video editing, visual effects, digital media, motion graphics, and other needed applications.



An illustrator is a professional at coloring and drawing, illustrators design illustrations for books, video games, greeting cards, diagrams, background art, etc.


3D Animator Designer

3D animators add the 3D look to movies, shows, video games, etc, they are one of the most sought after graphic designers in the business.


Flash Designer

Flash designers use Adobe Flash to create different kinds of graphic design for animated videos, websites, banners, etc.


Graphic designers at Webtye excel in creativity, imagination, and innovation, they also make sure all details are accurate, colors are attractive, and the fonts are perfectly right. Our professional team will you one of a kind graphic design whether if you need us for your website, blog page, or iOS mobile application.



Written by: Shahzad Sattar

Date: June 17th, 2016



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