Smartphone applications are simple, user-friendly programs. Smartphones of today can be used as alternatives to personal computers because they pretty much can do almost everything which can be done on a desktop computer, plus more.


There are three different types of applications for smartphones:


• Native Application

• Web Application

• Hybrid Application


Native Application Development


A native application is an application built using operating system (OS) specific guidelines and tools. iOS application development requires a Mac and xCode – Apple’s development tool. Android application development requires Android Studio. Both allow you to access device features with the best performance and user experience possible. The downside is that you have to create two separate applications and maintain to separate applications.


Web Application


Web applications are software available on the internet and based on technologies such as PHP, Java and HTML5. They run within the mobile’s web browser. Mobile web applications can run on almost every platform including iPhone (iOS), Android, Blackberry, etc. and may be a good solution to the first phase of your application development project.


Hybrid Application


Hybrid by definition is something built by combining two or more different elements. Hybrid applications are similar to native applications built on the device but rely on web-based technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. Utilizing a mobile platform’s WebView, Hybrid applications can access native device features but may not offer seamless user experiences like Native applications would.



Written by: Yasser Malik

Date: March 25th, 2016



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