Developers can make the most of many tools as well as plugins when they are considering Android application development. These tools allow developers to experiment with many different layouts, designs, and develop many different kinds of applications from games to tools and many more. Here are five top designer tools developers can use:


Material Design Icon Generator – IntelliJ Plugin


The IntelliJ plugin gives developers the ability to use Material Design Icons. This helps the search of the proper icons become easier as the developers get access to an entire base of icons where they will not have to waste a lot of time nor efforts to find the perfect icons for the Android application development.

All of the icons are available to the developer at the IDE.


DP to PX Converter- Website


This website,, converts the density of images from DP to PX. Graphic designers and developers working on iOS or Android application development find this site very helpful as it is fairly simple to use and they do not require any instructions as it is very straightforward.


Android Asset Studio – Website


Android Asset Studio is another website through which developers can gain many benefits. The website allows them to develop icons for Android application development, and notifications, launchers, and many other destinations as well. For those who are new to application development for iOS and Android and applications of other platforms. To be able to use this tool new and intermediate developers can



Material Palette – Website


Websites are not all about attractive icons and fonts, websites are also about playing with the right colors. Developers do not just pick random colors, there are many concepts behind it. One, the concept of psychology, as humans, colors attract us, some colors more than other. By using such colors, many developers play with Android application development to make the app attractive and interesting. Secondly, if the application is dedicated towards a specific product, then using colors in the Android application development to represent that product would make more sense. For example, if you own a small business and the application you had Webtye’s [professional designers and developers design was for you water company, then the colors used would be dark blue, light blue, sky blue, aqua, coral, and other colors representing water and life. We wouldn’t use orange, gold, black, silver, colors that would be completely different from the business or service concept.


Device Metrics- Website


Device Metrics is the website developers refer to when they need to know what is the perfect ratio or density of the application in the Android application development stage so that it could perfectly fit according to the screen of the Smartphone. Beginners and intermediate level developers find the website very useful for DIY experiments.


Written by: Shahzad Sattar

Date: February 19th, 2016



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