Over the past 24 years, Strategyn has turned jobs-to-be-done theory into the world’s most powerful innovation process: Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI). This patented innovation process is the cornerstone of success for many enterprises, helping companies invent and launch breakthrough products and services.

Technologies: WordPress, Ruby on Rails, R, Pardot by Salesforce, MOZ, Sinatra, Shiny App


Using the Outcome-Driven Innovation process, Strategyn consistently produces robust and well-defined product concepts that require little to no change in development, thereby streamlining the development process. Strategyn clients have found that a robust product definition can cut the development cycle by up to 75 percent. When it came to handling the development of internal projects, Strategyn required a team with expertise in handling complex, large scale big data projects.


Having the same views on Product Development, it was an easy decision for Strategyn to choose Webtye as their development partner for their WordPress site consisting of over 200 inner pages

and users worldwide, for the development of an internal Ruby on Rails application, and to create a data-driven solution on R for Fortune 100 clients. Webtye quickly created a dedicated development team consisting of over 50 years of combined experience.


Over the past decade, Webtye has helped web and mobile products through a rigorous development process. As a leading provider of software services, Webtye continues to play an integral part in engineering teams, new product development and automated mobile testing.


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