Mobile Point of Sale, redefined. The ROS App allows restaurants to take full control of their orders. Restaurant Operating System is an iOS app that lets waiters take orders, receive orders from the kitchen, and allows management to view analytics on the go.

Technologies: PHP, Native iOS, Native Android, Magtek, Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner


Large restaurants constantly face high table turnaround times during busy hours. More labor results in higher infrastructure and salary costs and not quite solves the problem of high table turnaround times. ROS went to the root cause here and realized the lag between waiter and kitchen communication. The proposed system will act as terminals close to the waiter where orders can be sent to the kitchen as soon as they are received, allowing the waiter to stay in the dining area, focus more time on satisfying customer needs and get notified when the order is ready.


A fully fledged waiter ordering system, customized with table views and quick-serve for bartenders. The system also featured an iPad app for the kitchen staff to view orders and mark them ready so that waiters never have to check on their status and instead, get notified on their iPads. A cloud-based admin panel allows managers to view employee clock-ins, add users, change the menu, view reports and orders, the statuses of those orders and payments related to those orders. This comprehensive system is the first of it’s kind and is processing $500,000 and counting.


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