Product development is not easy and certainly not a one-man job. Follow us as we advice on proper guidelines to successful product development.


Using More Resources will Not Ensure Better Results


The more resources you avail, the better the outcome will be is a saying that should only be taken seriously if you have the budget to support it. A successful product is not based on the number of resources working on it, it does however, contribute to the speed of development in cases where features and tasks need to be shipped out constantly. There are simple solutions to this; increase the capacity selectively, a project management system should be implemented and time should be spent to effectively manager the delivery of one set of features before moving on to the next.

Development Plans Change and that’s OK


Your development plan will not be the same the first time you speak with a developer versus the 5th time, or the 20th time. And if that’s not happening there’s something wrong. That’s because you find out more about your product as you start working on it. As you develop and test features, as you show them to potential users your ideas and designs are challenged. You learn new workflows, user stories and scenarios that you didn’t think of before, and you need to accommodate some of them into your product.


The sooner you start, the faster it will be completed - False

Not true, NADA. Hasting any process will only waste extra resources and lead you to an unusable product. Keep in mind that you only get one chance to keep your user. It’s quite possible to bring a lost user back to download the latest iteration of your app, but that is still a lost initial user base. Spend time to work on your product idea, see what works for your competitors and why your product is offering what your competitors are not. Focus on an initial set of features, ship that and develop more. In fact, what a better approach is that the sooner you start, the faster you will fail, encouraging you to iterate and ship again.


Focus on your problem, execute it well


Keep your product simple - Instagram’s success story has taught us a great lesson on product development. With their first version being a jumble of multiple check-in features, it decided to pivot and put their focus on mobile photography and executing that well. A year after first catching success, they added hashtags and executed that well. With the app store being crowded with apps that do everything, what makes your product unique and so value offering?


You don't have to get it right on the first try


No, things do not have to be perfect in the first try, and odds are that your first product will not be perfect. It may be next to perfect, sometimes perfect too, but it will not always be that way. It is important to understand that your product needs to be iterated and evolved as you collect more users, analytics around your users and feedback from users.


Written by: Saad Ibrahim

Date: July 22nd, 2016



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