With Philanthropy, all of your direct communications, events, and social media are in one place for your constituents. Plus, the ability to donate and pledge via their mobile phone makes this a necessary program for non-profit organizations of all sizes. Philanthropy app integrates mobile insights with existing donor datasets to simplify engagement strategies.

Technologies: Apache Cordova, Ionic, Node.js, Stripe, Facebook API, Twitter API


Philanthropy wants to offer ultimate mobile engagements to deliver real-time news and recognition and grow mobile donations and pledges. This meant creating a platform that allows for any non-profit organization to share their Facebook and Twitter feed, direct messages and donations and pledges directly with supporters.


A feature rich mobile app that utilizes native iOS and Android phone features. The Philanthropy app became the ultimate mobile engagement platform to delight supporters with real-time news and recognitions, make events more popular and profitable, and raise more money through mobile donations and pledges.



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