As 2016 moves forward, we can clearly see that one of the many new trends in the tech industry is the increase in the popularity of hybrid applications. Keeping their success in mind, it would not be wrong to come to a conclusion that as the year moves on we will see more of these applications being used. Thus, this makes it more important for even business/brands/service owners to learn how they can use these iOS applications in development to their advantage.


As a business owner, you can market your business on social media using the numerous numbers of platforms, you can even use professionals to create a website for you too. However, to accompany that website, you will also need to have professional developers to work on making you a mobile application.


Even through majority of the income online websites make comes from the traffic they generate, often a customer is not updated with what is going on the website. After the individual uses the website, they find out that there is a sale that is going on and it’s almost over, or there was a major sale and they missed out on it. This can be frustrating for buyers, keeping in mind that they will not get push notifications from the application just yet, as it is in the iOS application development phase, it is your job to make sure the news gets to them. It is possible too.


This can be done by using Ionic Framework with the help of Push Notifications. The framework will help you send messages to all iOS owners bringing to their attention the latest news, sales, discounts, festivals, products, services, and more. Although you can call the application anything you wish too, for this tutorial, we will call the application Dr. GoodNews. Lets say Dr. GoodNews is all about bringing the best things about what is happening in the world nowadays to people who could use a hope of sunshine.




In order to make Dr. GoodNews actually work, you will require a device running on Mac OS X, Membership on Ionic, NPM/Node.JS installed on the device, and MongoDB. Those who do not have accounts made on Mongo or Heroku can use their own hosting if they prefer.


Download and Install Ionic


Now that you have the right device to get the work started while the real application is underᅠiOS

application development, you must first download and install Ionic. Along with it, you are required to download, or update Cordova CLI to make plugins and experiment with other applications. Although these will not be professional, it’s good to practice on them so that when you are working with a professional, it gets easier to explain what the concept in your head is. Once both downloads and installations are done, run them.


In the Terminal type: $ npm in{}{}all -g io{}{}c co{}{}ova and run the command.


In order to be able to start application creation with Ionic, type and run the following commands:

1. $ ionic start pushNews tabs

2. $ cd pushNews

3. $ ionic serve


From there onwards, you can make the most of using frameworks with the help of Push Notifications.



Written by: Sohail Suleman

Date: February 25th, 2016



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