Advertising is a key component in raising awareness about your product and driving traffic through your business’s door. Gone are the days of plain newspaper ads and radio commercials. Today’s multimedia marketplace has opened the door to various digital advertising methods. Let’s take a look at some popular digital advertising methods and how they can drive up awareness for your product.




Blogs are a useful way to not only educate your target audience about the industry, but also a gateway to introducing your product. The informal writing style of blogs allows for customers to feel like they are being introduced to your product in a friendly, non-pressured manner. Furthermore, educating consumers about the industry through blogs develops the customers’ understanding of how your product fulfills their needs. Furthermore, the conversational style of blogs establishes a sense of proximity between you and the customer. Blogs often have a ‘comments’ section, which opens the door to consumer feedback, questions, and even potential leads. In this way, the conversational style of blogs are a way to provide your customers with the feeling that they have already spoken to a representative of your company. In other words, a blog establishes the notion that you and your customer already have something to talk about, before you’ve even met!


If you’re interested in making a blog for your company or product, head over to a basic blogging website, such as




Microsites are one-page websites to give your first impression about your product. They are a brochure of your products and services and can be used in a variety of applications. The most popular is to offer free information. Through the use of whitepapers and webinars you’re able to collect user information and see what interests them about your product.


Social Media Presence


Reaching out to the greatest number of consumers at a time is the primary goal in marketing your product. To do this, it is important to identify where people are spending most of their time. In the past it was television and radio ads, magazines, and billboards along the freeway. Although these forms of advertisement still exist, and undoubtedly still work, the world of social media is today’s gold mine of interaction with your target audience. Social media is utilized by both businesses and individuals on a daily and regular basis. Most people utilize social media more during the day than they do watching television or listening to the radio.


The great thing about social media is there are multiple platforms which you can utilize to promote your product and interact with customers. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are just a few of the big names leading the surge in social media advertising because they boast millions of users. Getting the word out about your product is of utmost importance, but having a social media presence takes that a step further. Social media allows for a more interactive and personable consumer experience, and allows for quicker communication between the customer and yourself. Questioning, feedback, networking, and generating leads are all possible with the click of a button, allowing you to connect with customers not only locally, but globally!



Written by: Saad Ibrahim

Date: April 22nd, 2016



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