Ajax is a form of web designing that is used for the development of Asynchronous web applications. This technique is also used to communicate through the server without interfering with the page designs. AJAX is the compilation of many different techniques and strategies to form a singleᅠweb development technique.


AJAX is formed by CSS and HTML for presentation and display, Document Object for Data interaction, XSL and XML for display of data, XML HTTP request for asynchronous pages, and JavaScript to merge all elements together for web development.


AJAX web development technique has many different characteristics within itself. The characteristics can be divided into several headings, including:


Server Stored Data


Unlike AJAX, simple web pages execute HTML pages. This means that when an individual sends data to the server, the entire HTML page gets converted into a readable format and layout. One the other hand, AJAX web development servers or the server do not convert all of the pages, it directly sends all of the data to client side. In this development, the server had to take care of the data not through the pages. AJAX deliver better performance with reliable scalability.


Web Page Application


AJAX data is not saved on HTML web pages, this technique uses more intelligence for web development compared to HTML. They act like desktop applications, interact with back end servers, are more responsive, and provide faster user response, not to forget the page is refreshed within seconds of clicking the icon.


Dynamic User Experience


Users have the ability to interact with the data and page that is processed by the server at the current time being where there is no need to refresh or wait. Whereas while using classic web applications for web development, users are unable to perform any extra tasks while sending requests to the server, and while waiting for its response.


This happens every time the data is sent to-and-fro the server and back to the application. With AJAX, the user gets synchronous communication so that the user does not have to wait for the server to send its response. Multi-tasking is also possible with this format of web development; it also provides nonlinear workflows as well.


Challenges in AJAX Maintenance


Although AJAX seems to be the better choice, there are a couple of challenges in the way to maintain the service. These challenges include;

• Poor User Interface

• Language Mix Up

• Markup

• Based Scripting Approach


Written by: Shahzad Sattar

Date: March 11th, 2016



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